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Sun Unleashes Massive Solar Flares in One-Two Punch

September 7, 2011


The X-class solar flare — the most powerful type of sun storm— erupted at 6:12 p.m. EDT (2212 GMT) on Tuesday (Sept. 6) and hit its peak strength eight minutes later, according to a space weather update by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The flare occurred less than 24 hours after another less […]

Scientists consider ‘large magnetic nets’ to scoop up space junk

September 4, 2011


Scientists in the US have warned Nasa that the amount of so-called space junk orbiting Earth is at tipping point. A report by the National Research Council says the debris could cause fatal leaks in spaceships or destroy valuable satellites. It calls for international regulations to limit the junk and more research into the possible […]

Comet Elenin may be disintegrating

August 29, 2011


This news might make some of you sleep a little easier at night. According to careful examination it would appear that Comet Elenin (which some people have been calling Planet X, Nibiru etc.) may break up a good while before it reaches its closest point to the Earth.   Every night, astronomers, mostly amateurs, are […]

Petition – Stop Police Brutality in the UK

August 24, 2011


Please make your voices heard by ‘signing’ the petition I set up via the HM Government website today. Help to stop police brutality in the UK and hold police officers more accountable for their actions. There have been 3 deaths in the last month at the hands of the police. Let’s remind the police that […]

Scientists say that aliens may destroy humans to protect other civilizations

August 18, 2011


UPDATE: You can actually view their full report in PDF format : The last time I checked, NASA wasn’t interested in aliens… but here you go! They are preparing scenarios of possible contact afthermaths in order to help us for when (I suppose I should say if/when) it really happens… It may not rank […]

Antimatter ‘belt’ discovered around Earth

August 7, 2011


A thin band of antimatter particles called antiprotons enveloping the Earth has been spotted for the first time. The find, described in Astrophysical Journal Letters, confirms theoretical work that predicted the Earth’s magnetic field could trap antimatter. The team says a small number of antiprotons lie between the Van Allen belts of trapped “normal” matter. […]

Comet Elenin on SOHO – 200,000+km wide coma

August 5, 2011


The approaching Comet Elenin has triggered suspicious and fearful speculation among some observers. A contribution to this brouhaha has been the lack of images of this visitor from deep space, but at last there are images from a NASA space observatory of this oncoming comet. On 1 August 2011 Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) passed within […]