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Petition – Stop Police Brutality in the UK

August 24, 2011


Please make your voices heard by ‘signing’ the petition I set up via the HM Government website today. Help to stop police brutality in the UK and hold police officers more accountable for their actions. There have been 3 deaths in the last month at the hands of the police. Let’s remind the police that […]

Facebook vs Google+ – Facebook to up the ante?

August 3, 2011


And now for something… not so different. Here’s an idea… get rid of Facebook altogether and watch people’s eyes adjust to the real world again. I’m kidding of course. I think social networking could be far better than it is. I don’t wanna hear about what you had for dinner or how much you hate […]

My ongoing LG Optimus 2X battle

July 31, 2011


Piece of advice. If anyone out there has an LG Optimus 2X still running on v10b firmware do not update it to v10d! If there’s one thing that working in the mobile industry should have taught me, it’s never to trust software updates unless you literally have no choice (and even then they rarely work!) […]

Motorola Droid Bionic accidentally unveiled by The Gadget Show

July 22, 2011


5FWD – Motorola Droid Bionic accidentally unveiled by The Gadget Show. It looks like Motorola are still looking to lead the way with the all in one device. Time will tell, however, whether the device is able to support its own functionality as Moto are notorious for failing to deliver.        

Please help brainguff to support the causes you care about

July 18, 2011


Just a little addendum to my earlier post. I have added the SocialVibe charity widget to the sidebar over here >>>>>>>>>> Action for Animals By clicking help now you will be helping to feed dogs that really need some TLC or saving an animal from a factory farm without even having to donate any money. […]

brainguff changes

July 18, 2011


For all those who check out my blog regularly *thank you!* you’ll notice that I’ve made a few changes today 🙂 Firstly, apologies to those who have not seen their comments show up: WordPress decided that half of them were spam for some reason and I accidentally deleted them! Oops! Rest assured, your comments will […]

Something to think about… Google+ Review

July 8, 2011


Thanks to Bill for sending me a Google+ invite 🙂 I didn’t think I would say this but, by Jove, I think I like it! Google+ seems more relevant to my social networking requirements than Facebook, which has become more of a playground than a platform for sharing your thoughts and interests with people you […]