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brainguff is moving to!

September 12, 2011


I’m in the process of moving brainguff over to as I feel I’ve outgrown the free WordPress features. I hunted for a new theme that I liked but couldn’t find one I preferred so will be sticking with Elegant Grunge for the time being! Right now I’m having a nightmare scouring for useful plugins […]

Petition – Stop Police Brutality in the UK

August 24, 2011


Please make your voices heard by ‘signing’ the petition I set up via the HM Government website today. Help to stop police brutality in the UK and hold police officers more accountable for their actions. There have been 3 deaths in the last month at the hands of the police. Let’s remind the police that […]

Is it worse to lose your wallet or your mobile phone?

August 18, 2011


Would you rather lose this or your mobile phone? I read this article on Mobile Today earlier: Almost a third of UK smartphone users believe it would be worse to lose their handsers than their wallet, a new study has revealed. According to research by YouGov on behalf of outsourcing firm Firstsource Solutions, 30% of […]

Police, protests, riots and censorship – a worrying pattern

August 13, 2011


I am going to apologise now because this is likely to be a long post. By now we are probably all aware that the UK government may censor Twitter, BBM and Facebook in future riots, believing it will help to stem the spread of disorder. Let me explain why this would be a dangerous thing […]

Example of bad parenting – UK riots

August 12, 2011


This has really struck a cord with me. I have just listened to the father of a 16 year old boy who got caught looting/rioting saying that he can’t keep an eye on his child 24/7. A 16-year-old boy has appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court charged with burglary in Thornton Heath, Croydon, after the riots […]

UK riots – police brutality

August 10, 2011


Although I am not overly shocked by what this country is experiencing in the way of riots (it’s shocking, but I’m not shocked) I in no way condone it. Something else I don’t condone, though, is police brutality. The public called for the police to be more heavy handed in protecting our cities, our businesses […]

The role of the police and the media – UK riots

August 10, 2011


My fellow YOFFer (spamfish) at Ye Olde False Flag posted these videos on a thread about the UK riots. They both provide interesting insights into the roles both the police and the media played in sparking public/youth discontent. The first video is of the Birmingham area and clearly shows the police adopting a similar tactic […]