All nine bystander shooting victims at Empire State Building were shot by police

Posted on August 25, 2012



Gun violence caused by the NYPD

Bloomberg, always an opponent of the firearms ownership rights of private citizens, loves to lament the danger of “all those guns out there.” What he doesn’t seem to realize, however, is that it’s the guns in the hands of NYPD cops that caused most of the damage in this case: 90% of the shooting victims were shot by the NYPD.

But wait a second here. I know for a fact that NYPD police officers receive hundreds of hours of training and range time in learning how to accurately shoot firearms. Every officer on the force is capable of hitting a fist-sized target from a distance of eight feet. Officers must routinely re-qualify on their pistol skills to remain on the force.

So how could NYPD officers possibly fire 16 rounds and hit nine bystanders unless they were actually trying to?

Hitting nine bystanders with 16 rounds of ammo is difficult to accomplish even if you’re trying to do it. But these NYPD cops somehow managed to pull it off. It begs the question: Were these cops intentionally trying to let loose a few extra rounds into the crowd so that they could stage a mass shooting with a high body count and then blame it on the gunman they shot dead? It’s not difficult to imagine officers being ordered to do this. “We need more victims of gun violence,” Bloomberg could be imagined saying to the Chief of Police. “Make sure your boys turn every shooting into a mass murder with lots of casualties.”

Or maybe that sounds totally loony, you say. Bloomberg would never say that. Street beat officers would never intentionally try to harm innocent bystanders. I tend to agree with you. The police officers I know would never engage in such actions. So then what’s the only remaining explanation for what happened? NYPD officers are wildly incompetent and a danger to the public.

NYPD officers either shot bystanders on purpose, or they are extremely incompetent

Every person who has ever taken firearms training knows there are four fundamental rules of gun safety:

1) Assume all guns are loaded at all times.
2) Never point the barrel at anything you don’t wish to destroy.
3) Keep your trigger finger off the trigger until you are on the target and have decided to shoot.
4) Always know what is BEYOND YOUR TARGET. Bullets, you see, have a nasty habit of going through things and then hitting other things you never intended to hit.

But the NYPD is even worse. Their officers didn’t merely violate rule No. 4. They couldn’t even aim accurately at their target in the first place!

One of the victims in this shooting, Askia, was only eight feet away from the cop that shot him. Eight feet away! Can a NYPD cop not hit the right target from just eight feet away these days?

And remember, NYPD cops didn’t hit just one innocent bystander… they shot NINE innocent bystanders! Four women and five men were all hit by police bullets, and the police only fired 16 rounds total. At least nine of those 16 rounds hit innocent bystanders rather than the intended target.

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