Dear Dallas: no one ever proved West Nile disease exists!

Posted on August 19, 2012


(NaturalNews) Now that Dallas officials have decided West Nile Disease has killed 14 people in the area and infected 557 more, the aerial spraying of a pesticide called Duet will begin. The objective? Wipe out mosquitoes that carry the virus.

But here’s the bombshell: there is no evidence that the supposed virus causing West Nile exists. This means there is no proof West Nile disease exists.

And this fact has been known for years. Scientists don’t like to talk about it. It’s extremely embarrassing.

The West Nile virus has never been isolated. “Isolated” means discovered. This is a simple notion. Just as you can ask whether an explorer on a ship, journeying to the tip of South America, ever arrived, you can ask whether researchers ever found the West Nile virus.

The answer is no.

Researchers state the virus in question is 0.04 micrometers. At the same time, they admit that the original fishing expedition for the virus employed filters that were 0.22 micrometers. The obvious conclusion? You cannot assume that whatever was trapped in the filter was West Nile virus. The filter was too porous. It was nearly six times larger than the virus.

In fact, Robert McLean, director of the National Wildlife Center of the US Geological Survey, told ABC’s Nick Regush, “We don’t have a purified form of the virus.”

A stunning admission.

The late ABC reporter, Regush, one of the few bright and independent minds in mainstream medical reporting, followed up on McLean’s pronouncement with this: “I find no evidence anywhere in the scientific literature that the rules of virus purification and isolation were thoroughly followed .”

The bottom line? In your search for a new virus, if you don’t purify the material in which you suspect the virus is contained and filter out everything except the virus, and if you don’t finally isolate it, you cannot claim to have located it at all. This is not a mere academic distinction.

Two questions immediately pop up. How are people being diagnosed with West Nile if the virus has never been proved to exist; and what is making people sick if not West Nile?

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