Eight injured in Southern Russia mosque shooting, police defusing bomb

Posted on August 18, 2012


Two masked assailants opened fire in a mosque in the town of Khasavyurt in Russia’s southern Republic of Dagestan, injuring eight. Two of the victims are reportedly in critical condition. Police are currently defusing a bomb at the scene.

Police found a potentially explosive device at the mosque following the attack on the worshippers.

“The criminals placed an explosive device that appeared to be a gas cylinder connected to wires in the mosque and sped off in a silver car,” a law enforcement source told Interfax news agency. Police and engineers are currently working to defuse it.

“At 20:55 Moscow time on Hamidov Street two armed, unknown men stormed a Shiite mosque after evening prayers and opened fire on the congregation,” the Head of the Investigative Committee of Dagestan said.

He said that six victims had been taken to the central city hospital in Khasvyurt, adding that two of them were in critical condition. However, a representative of the republic’s interior ministry later said the number of victims had risen to eight. The majority of the victims were young people, specifically those “born in 1986-1992.”

No motive for the attack has been established, and police are currently looking for the suspects.


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