WikiLeaks shut down by American hackers

Posted on August 9, 2012


WikiLeaks remains offline after days of distributed denial-of-service attacks rendered the

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website inaccessible. Now a group calling themselves AntiLeaks is taking credit and says their actions are in protest to the whistleblower site’s founder.

Through Twitter on Wednesday, the self-proclaimed leader of a group going by the name AntiLeaks says that their organization is responsible for a barrage of DDoS attacks on and other affiliated sites that has temporarily wiped one of the most controversial outlets for whistleblowing off the Web.

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks is a popular method of over-flooding a Web server with traffic until, ideally, the site is crippled and can’t support any visitors. Activists have since mirrored WikiLeaks–hosted documents on other sites, but those too have been hit hard by AntiLeaks. By Thursday afternoon, the mirror at was still offline and external e-commerce sites launched to raise donations for WikiLeaks were ravaged by DDoS assaults as well.

WikiLeaks was targeted with DDoS attacks earlier this year, but so far the assaults reportedly launched by the AntiLeaks group have made the website unavailable to visitor for nearly a week. In their tweet, a user named DietPepsi identifies himself as the leader of the group and says that their mission is aimed not specifically at WikiLeaks, but Julian Assange, the website’s founder and editor that has been in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy for over a month awaiting a decision on an appeal for political asylum.


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