Was James Holmes set up to be the Aurora patsy?

Posted on August 5, 2012


(NaturalNews) On movie and TV screens across the world, every day, we see played out

Joker (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the drama of hero versus villain, good versus evil.

In real life, people who can’t look below the surface of events feel a need to see evil incarnate somewhere, anywhere, without discernment, to point the finger at one person, to identify him, to know what he has done, to accuse him, to make him pay.

In this Virtual Age, if a group of men were planning such an event to satisfy the appetites of the crowd, the mob, the mass, why not twist together the real and the fictional, for maximum impact?

Why not merge the hero-villain myth of movies with a real villain who causes horrific death DURING a movie, as he personifies the fictional nemesis of the fictional hero?

Hence, James Holmes becomes The Joker.

To accomplish this insane and perverted scenario, adjustments would have to made. Holmes has little or no experience with guns. He knows nothing about explosives. He isn’t a professional in any sense of the word. He has never committed a crime before. If he has any qualification for the heinous operation, it is his vulnerability. He is adrift in his life. Never as brilliant a student as others thought him to be, he is failing in graduate school. He has no job and no prospects. What began as a potential career has dissolved. His interest in arcane aspects of neuroscience (temporal delusion – the possibility of changing the past), once a fascinating field of inquiry for him, now only contributes to his increasingly shaky grip on reality.

Would covert-op planners select him as an assassin or a patsy?

Is The Joker going to be the actual shooter in the Aurora theater, or is he going to be the young man holding the bag when the debacle is over?

Is he the killer or the sacrifice?

The planning is rather simple and direct. The actual killer(s) will enter the theater, while Holmes, who is drugged into a stupor and is sitting in his car, waits in the parking lot of the theater, among weapons and other gear that matches the killers’. Once the killers leave the theater, they’ll deposit their guns with him, as he lies in a semi-conscious blurred state. They’ll deposit gun residue on his body.

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