Swiftly Blaming Bulgaria Terror Attack on Iran Spells False Flag

Posted on July 19, 2012


Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Almost immediately after a bus full of Israeli tourists exploded outside of the airport in Burgas, Bulgaria, both Israel and the United States began hurling accusations that Iran was behind the violence. According to the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry, at least six people were killed and approximately thirty were wounded.

Nicolas Kulish and Matthew Brunwasser of the New York Times wrote:

Photographs and video taken at the airport showed billowing black smoke from the explosion that left the bus a blackened skeleton, scorched several buses nearby, shattered windows and forced the airport to temporarily close. Eyewitnesses quoted by Israeli news media said some victims were on fire as they tried to escape the flaming bus and that many had suffered severe burns.

In a formal statement, President Barack Obama condemned what he called “today’s barbaric terrorist attack on Israeli’s in Bulgaria.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went much further in his condemnation and stated that “All signs point to Iran.”

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