‘Big bangs’: source of noises in Temuka still a mystery

Posted on July 1, 2012


Mysterious loud bangs in the Temuka area are not believed to be earthquakes, a GNS spokesperson says.

Paleoecologist doctor Ursula Cochran, of GNS Science, said the ”events” reported to The Timaru Herald over the last three days have not been recorded as earthquakes by Geonet so believed ”there must be another explanation” for them.

Temuka residents have contacted the Herald with their experiences – many saying the loud bangs had been followed by shaking.

Dr Cochran said there had been no reports of earthquakes at the times people had been hearing the bangs.

”The fact it hasn’t registered on the Geonet website as an earthquake, it’s probably more local. It does sound pretty unusual.”

Temuka resident Jenny Bolitho is among the many people who have been mystified by the events.

The Timaru Herald

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