Storms knock out power to 2M in eastern U.S. during record temperatures

Posted on June 30, 2012


(CBS/AP) Violent storms swept across the eastern U.S. late Friday and early Saturday, killing at least six people and knocking out power to more than 2 million customers across the eastern United States, on a weekend when temperatures across the area are expected to reach triple-digits.

The mid-Atlantic region had already been experiencing 100-degree temperatures before Friday evening’s violent storms. Thousands are without power — and without air conditioning — as crews work to clear downed tree limbs and restore electricity.

Falling trees were blamed for the deaths of two people in Virginia, two in New Jersey and another in Maryland. Police in Ohio said another woman died in the storms, but no details were available.

Among the fatalities: A 90-year-old Virginia woman asleep in bed when a tree slammed into her home, and two young cousins on a camping trip in southern New Jersey.

Anne Arundel County, Md., police said in a news release Saturday that 25-year-old Kevin Obrien was killed when a tree fell onto his car late Friday. Two other people in the car suffered minor injuries.

In Pittsgrove, N.J., police say two boys, ages 2 and 7, were killed after a tree fell on their tent during the storm early Saturday at Parvin State Park. Authorities say the boys’ families had been camping at adjacent sites when the storm hit, and the families decided to huddle together in one tent. They say the heavy winds and rains from the storm snapped a pine tree, which then fell on the families’ tent.

The boys suffered serious injuries and died.

CBS News

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