Wimbledon no-fly zone: 2012 fear mongering continues

Posted on June 25, 2012


Aircraft are banned from flying below 500 feet over the All England Club in London SW19 and within a perimeter of 0.75 nautical miles.

Ground commander Supt Pete Dobson of the Metropolitan Police said that general security had been increased for this year’s tournament, which ends just 18 days before the Olympics, and that more uniformed and plain clothed officers would be on the ground.

“I am conscious that the attention is on London throughout the whole summer,” he said.

“I am acutely aware that if someone was to do something untoward here it could well have a knock on effect on the Olympics.There is a greater security awareness this year.

“We are always looking to improve security plans so we do review it and we do make some tactical changes so we can defeat anyone who is trying to do a hostile reconnaissance.”

He said the exclusion zone had been enforced to “minimise disruption” after the club made complaints last year about the noise.

However, he admitted that although the decision had not been driven by security “it did help” particularly as the Olympic tennis matches will all be played at the club.

“We just don’t want strange aircraft flying overhead if we can avoid it,” he added.


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