Mystery noise causing sleepless nights in north-east Warrnambool

Posted on June 20, 2012


A mystery noise is driving several Warrnambool residents to despair one even selling her house to escape the incessant drone.

Two residents in Mitchell Street and two others, less than a kilometre away in Alice Place, have aired their annoyance over what they describe as a low, turbine-like noise in their north-east neighbourhood.

“I just can’t sleep and even when I put in ear plugs I can hear it,” one woman said.

“I’ve got chronic fatigue syndrome and just can’t rest, yet I still have to go to work.

“I’ve sold my house and am moving to another area.”

Three other residents also said they too found it hard to sleep, especially on calm nights when the sound was more noticeable. “It’s not excessive, just irritating and sometimes it keeps me awake night after night,” one retired woman said.

The Standard

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