Royal Mystery

Posted on June 6, 2012


Michael Hainline
I am sitting in the dentist office Tuesday waiting to get some x-rays to see what kind of dental work I need done and what

The British royal family on Buckingham Palace ...

it on the television. It is Good Morning America and they are in London, making a big ado about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Sitting there as I should be pondering the news of how many teeth I need to get fixed, I am instead staring blankly at the screen trying to figure out for the life of me why it should be of any importance to anyone in this country about the festivities of the Royal Family. In fact, it kind of makes me chuckle that it was less than 250 years ago that we were a colony that was fighting against the Crown for our Independence as a nation. What is the American public fascination with the Queen… For that matter, what is the keen interest that Americans have with anyone that has anything to do with the Royal Family. Just a year ago the gawking was thick when Prince William got married. Hell, it was almost the only thing for a while that anyone wanted to talk about. Forget about the economy, forget about disasters, Royals are getting married. It was the type of hysteria that surrounded Williams mother, Diana. Don’t get me wrong, Diana was a very noble and in every sense of the word, a hero to those who were less fortunate. But she got that recognition not for being married into the Royal family, she got it by being charitable, for going out in the world and being with the less fortunate and being the closest thing that could be considered normal in a circus like atmosphere. Getting back to my point is I haven’t quite figured out whether it is a romanticism associated with history that has your average American embracing the Royals or if it is just the fact that they are in the realm of celebrity. Just remember, in this day and age, you don’t have to be famous for any other reason as to be a lineage of a certain family or celebrity. 

My guess is that we (Americans) view the Royals more in the light of celebrity. It starts with the rags. And by rags I of course mean Tabloids. The Tabloids have often found fodder for the Royals, especially when Diana was still alive. It used to be all you had to go on was the printed tabloids, such as News of the World or National Enquirer, but with the modern age, you now have blogs and websites such as TMZ to get your fix. And if it stayed in that realm, I guess I could understand a little better that some people are just fascinated with the idea of the Royals or just celebrity period. But then you have mainstream television who make big deals about them and televise the events (Will/Kate Marriage, Queen Jubilee). And that is where I start to wonder why there is what I consider an odd obsession with the Royal Family as it pertains to the Americans. Why all the vested interest in a group that is less about being a figurehead in the world and more about being a celebrity. Why am I to care if William and Kate are expecting a child? Why would I ever raise an eyebrow at whether Charles is next in line once the Queen passes away? I wonder what our ancestors who fought a war against the Crown would have to say with our fascination and almost celebrity worship status of the Queen and her family. But I guess in some ways I guess it really isn’t that much different than having to know every little thing that a Kardashian is doing or what a certain celebrity is doing. I get that most people have this idea that in some ways a celebrity or the like is some sort of superhero or even God-like figure. But at the end of the day, they are all like us. They all are human, they all breath the same air, and they are mortal.
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