Aberdeenshire ‘earthquake’ tremors likely to have been caused by RAF jets

Posted on May 23, 2012



THE earth appeared to move for scores of residents along a 30 mile of Scottish coastline

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on Tuesday night, sparking fears of an earthquake in the area.

Seismologists at the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh were inundated with calls and on line enquiries from worried householders after they experienced mysterious tremors over a period of almost five hours.

The calls came from people living along a stretch of the Aberdeenshire coast from Aberdeen in the North to the fishing village of Gourdon, near Inverbervie, in the South, reporting strange rumbling noises and claiming that they felt their homes shaking in the darkness. There were even reports of strange vibrations being felt in the village of Kemnay, almost ten miles inland.

The tremors also led to a flurry of postings on various social networking sites with Jonathon Whitehead, one local resident, Tweeting: “I woke up with my bag sprawled out on the floor and pillows everywhere.” Liam Thom wrote on Facebook: “I’m not being funny but Kemnay just had an earthquake. I genuinely felt two tremors – then the Internet went down.”

The scientists at the Edinburgh research centre quickly checked their data and immediately ruled out any evidence of an earthquake hitting Scotland. And last night the finger of blame was being pointed at a combination of RAF jets, possibly Typhoons, breaking the sound barrier on training sorties miles out in the North Sea – and the high pressure system which has caused temperatures to soar across the country.

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