The same sex marriage debate: Should there be a debate?

Posted on May 15, 2012


The same sex marriage debate: Should there be a debate?

by M. Hainline


I am confused. Maybe it is because I broke the bonds of religion years ago but I have yet to

"Homosexuality & the Bible" booklet

understand why it matters so much to anyone what two people, regardless of their sexual orientation, do. Last time I remember this was a country founded on the principles of personal freedoms, not on religious morality. What I find most disturbing is the number of people shouting about the sanctity of marriage when it comes to keeping it between the biblical man and woman, when the number of divorces in this country are 5.2 per 1000 (US CENSUS 2008). Now, I realize that number isn’t a staggering, but any percentage of divorces nullify the claim of sanctity in marriage. Worst of all is the crusaders who are fighting tooth and nail to make sure that non-heterosexual’s cannot wed are often ones who have been publicly acknowledged philanderer. You have your right to opinion and you have your right to your own beliefs – those are the guaranteed benefits in a free society –  but just because you believe in something doesn’t mean that you have the right to infringe upon the beliefs of others. I am tired of the idiots who proclaim that this nation was founded on the principles of the bible. And though there is nothing specific in the constitution that claims the separation of church and state, the principle is instilled in the fabric of this nation. Whether it be the letter of Thomas Jefferson to the Baptist in Danbury, Connecticut in 1802, or even the more specific Treaty of Tripoli, which was ratified in 1797 by the United States Senate states that the United States Government was not “In any sense, founded on a Christian religion.” So the first argument is that when taking up this debate, we need to keep religion out and leave it to what it should have been in the first place, a personal freedom debate.

I grew up in a Catholic home. I attended Catholic school from the time I was six until age twelve. It was ingrained into us that homosexuality was a sin. But in the same breath, so was adultery. Just remember which one of these sins appear in the 10 commandments. Yet you would think that as long as you say you are sorry, you can be forgiven as an adulterer, but if you happen to want to fall in love with someone of the same-sex, you might as well reserve you spot in hell.

I remember even as someone who was born in the middle seventies where there were people who were mortified at the idea of an interracial marriage. If a man loves another man, or a woman loves another woman, who the hell am I to tell them that they can’t marry and have the same benefits as a heterosexual couple? What pisses me off is the section of Americans out there who complain about how much control the government expels over them, and then they turn around and want to use their religion, their personal convictions to prevent others the rights that should be guaranteed in this country.

There seems to be this crazy idea that if homosexuals are allowed the privilege to marry, that society will fall and that eventually it will lead to the end of humanity. According to the US Census  taken in 2000, around 1% of American households identified themselves as homosexual.  Now, I am not a mathematician, but it seems to me that it would take a hell of a long time for that 1% to make it to a point where they would overtake the majority of the population and start causing a depopulation (as it seems to be the common complaint by those who bring up this scare). What I want to do is pose the following challenge. Start researching sex crimes, and see how many are committed by heterosexuals versus those committed by homosexuals. First off, yes, I realize the data I just shared above will obviously tip the numbers dramatically to show that heterosexuals are in fact responsible for more crimes based on the fact that they are a majority of the population. But guess what, that doesn’t matter to some people when it comes to discriminating against others because they don’t share their religious or personal beliefs. They would only focus in and see what they want to see.

So can we stop the nonsense? It is great to debate things that have merit for debate. But trying to prevent happiness of adult individuals based on sexuality is nonsense. Stop the insanity, if you don’t like homosexuals and disapprove of them, that is your hang up. I’m not telling you have to accept and like them. But in the same token, enjoy and embrace your religion, but respect the fact that not everyone shares it, and they should enjoy the same rights as you.



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