‘Europe on the brink of armed-revolution’

Posted on May 12, 2012


The chorus of anti-austerity voices grows louder in Greece as Athens scrambles to form a coalition government. While eurocrats prepare to give Greece the boot, political analyst Alessandro Politi told RT speculators are Europe’s real enemy.

Greek President Karolos Papoulias has called on the leaders of the country’s three biggest parties in a last ditch effort to avoid new elections. With the Left Coalition SYRIZA party insisting that it will not participate in any government “that will implement the bailout,” Greece faces bankruptcy within weeks, and a likely ejection from the eurozone. But as Greece is told to suffer more austerity or say goodbye to the euro, Politi told RT there is a third way.

RT: Greece’s predicament is unenviable. It could leave the Eurozone, maybe default, start from scratch – or try and stick out more than a decade of austerity. Which direction should it go?

Alessandro Politi: Well, there is a third direction, which is that Europe – which means the main European states – should show the solidarity which is incorporated in the Treaty of Lisbon, and which we have seen very little precious solidarity around in the past months. It is very clear that this financial assault is like an artichoke, first you start with the weaker states, and then you go to the heart – the heart is France, Germany and the other AAA . And all these countries have already been threatened with a downgrade – or like France, have already been downgraded to A.

RT: It almost seems as though you’re describing some sort of chain reaction originating from Athens. Are you forecasting a fairly scary prospect for the entire eurozone by saying that other countries after Greece could also be in line?

AP: Well, if they march divided, and the speculators attack in a coordinated way, this is inevitable. This is precisely what European countries and the ECB should avoid. But for the moment, everyone says ‘I’m not Greece, no, I am different, no, Greece must pay and then the rest will see.’ And this isn’t a good idea.


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