Pilots could be punished after speaking up about deadly F-22 fleet

Posted on May 11, 2012


Two US Air Force pilots who spoke out against unresolved issues onboard the multi-

The F-22 is an air-superiority fighter with im...

million dollar F-22 Raptor fleet may face punishment from the Pentagon, even though they are covered under the Whistleblower Protection Act.

Despite ongoing reports of malfunctions with the plane’s oxygen-supply system, the Air Force has urged its pilots to keep soaring into the sky on the F-22s. At least one pilot has been killed during a malfunction so far.

Major Jeremy Gordon and Captain Josh Wilson appeared on CBS News’ 60 Minutes last week to announce their continuing worries over the Raptor stealth jet. The pilots spoke out against the craft while accompanied by a US congressman, Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-Illinois), an escort insisted by the pilots because they feared that the military would reprimand them for their disclosure. Now both say they are willing to re-board Raptor jets, even after going on national television to voice their concerns with the aircraft. That might not be enough, though.

Since announcing their issues with the craft on 60 Minutes, other lawmakers within the US Congress have asked for further investigations with the Raptor fleet. Even with this urging, though, the Pentagon might follow through with a military procedure that could pull both pilots out of the ranks of America’s Armed Forces.

Although Congress is considering a probe of the plane, the US Air Force has yet to announce that it will reverse a letter of reprimand that was sent to Capt. Wilson. The pilot’s attorney, Frederic Morgan, tells the Daily Press that his client is willing to fly, but the Pentagon has yet to approve that privilege for him.


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