Olympic crackdown: UK govt targets protests

Posted on May 11, 2012


The UK government is rounding on protesters ahead of this summer’s Olympics, issuing

Banners at the moved Occupy London protest in ...

the first court order to ban an Occupy activist from the event. The unprecedented security measures for the Games have been branded as over-the-top.

The UK has seen a number of protests in recent months, against austerity cuts and the London Olympics. Demonstrations linked to the Games mainly target sponsors over questionable environmental records.

The Chairman of the London Olympic Committee Lord Coe appealed to protesters not to disrupt the Olympic torch procession as it makes its way from Land’s End to London next month.

“One man’s protest can destroy someone else’s dream,” said Coe.

The Chairman’s plea comes off the back of a court order issued against a protester, effectively banning him from the Games.

The antisocial behavior order (ASBO) set against 29 year-old Simon Moore is the first in a preemptive crackdown against protests at the Games.

Moore is barred from coming within 100 yards of Olympic venues, homes of participants, officials or spectators and the route of the Olympic torch. Violation of the order could result in a 5-year prison sentence.

Simon Moore told RT that the legislation was being used as a pretext to curtail demonstrations against “aspects of the Games that are undemocratic or unpopular. “

He underlined that this tightening of the law will not act as a deterrent for protesters but will merely grant authorities power to punish them more severely.


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