U.S. building $1 billion ghost town to ‘test technology’

Posted on May 9, 2012


A “ghost town” is to be built in the United States at a cost of $1 billion to enable scientists to research renewable energy and intelligent traffic systems.

The “smart city”, which will be modelled on a town with a population of 35,000, will have roads, houses and commercial buildings, but no residents.

Scientists hope to use the town to research innovations such as automated washing machines, self-flushing lavatories, driverless cars and next-generation wireless networks.

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The Centre for Innovation, Technology and Testing project will create 350 jobs initially and building is scheduled to begin on June 30.

The town will be built in New Mexico about 15 miles west of the nearest town, Hobbs, which has a population of 40,000.

Ghost towns are not uncommon in the US. Many former towns have been abandoned because the industry that was supporting the area disappeared.

But the new empty town is the first to be built to serve a specific purpose.



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