Operation: Entrapment – Cleveland bomb “plot” masterminded by FBI agents

Posted on May 2, 2012


Federal agents announced on Tuesday that they successfully thwarted plans to blow up a

Federal Bureau of Investigation Seal

bridge in Cleveland, Ohio. What was left out of most reports, however, was that the FBI was instrumental in plotting the potential attack.

As is the case with most terrorist attacks revealed by the FBI, from the very beginning of the alleged crime until this week’s arrests, the charges introduced by federal agents were orchestrated by undercover agent provocateurs.

Five men were arrested in the Cleveland area on Monday for charges of conspiracy and the use of explosive materials. According to the criminal complaint released this week by the US District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, prosecutors link Brandon Baxter, 20; Anthony Hayne, 35; and Douglas Wright, 26, to an anti-government plot that involved bringing a large bridge in the region crashing down with the aid of at least two accomplices.

“The individuals charged in this plot were intent on using violence to express their ideological views,” explains Special Agent Stephen D. Anthony of the Cleveland Division of the FBI this week.

Taking a closer look at the federal complaint against the five men reveals that although the suspects are believed to have expressed anti-government sentiments and disdain for major financial corporations, the impetus in the would-be bombing was the urging of undercover agents that had infiltrated a group of friends and encouraged them to consider acts of terrorism. Although the incident is still developing, federal authorities have submitted statements and recordings stemming from conversations their contacts had with the alleged terrorists, and unsurprisingly the mainstream media is largely ignoring one key problem with the federal probe: the FBI provoked members of an Occupy Wall Street off-shoot to embrace terrorist-like crimes despite voicing from the start that they were opposed to such.

The criminal complaint considers the entire operation to have started from an Occupy Wall Street style protest in Cleveland on October 21, 2011. There the FBI dispatched an unnamed confidential human source — referred to as CHS in the criminal complaint — who had been recruited by the agency to work undercover earlier in the year. The FBI describes the CHS as a felon that had been convicted of at least six charges dating back to the 1990s, including cocaine possession and robbery, yet entrusted the source to attend the OWS meeting in order to investigate reports “of potential criminal activity and threats involving anarchists who would be attending” the protest. Once there, the CHS singled out participants who “acted differently than the other people in attendance,” including the aforementioned accused, Douglas Wright. The CHS then forged a relationship with Wright that lasted until this week.

Although it seems straight out of a spy novel, it is commonplace within domestic intelligence agencies. An exposé put together last year by Mother Jones and the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California-Berkley reveals that the FBI currently has as many as 15,000 undercover agents working within their ranks, with some making as much as $100,000 per assignment from Uncle Sam.


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