Mystery Sea Beast of Cincinnati Found

Posted on April 25, 2012


The discovery of a very large, very mysterious “monster” by an amateur Ohio paleontologist has researchers baffled and asking for answers. Around 450 million years ago, shallow seas covered Cincinnati — and harbored one very large organism. And despite its size, no one has ever found a fossil of this “monster” until its discovery by an amateur paleontologist last year. The fossilized specimen, a roughly elliptical shape with multiple lobes, totaling almost seven feet in length was discovered by Ron Fine of Dayton, Ohio. He’s a member of the Dry Dredgers, an association of amateur paleontologists based at the University of Cincinnati that has a long history of collaborating with professional scientists. PHOTOS: Sea Monsters Real & Imagined “I knew right away that I had found an unusual fossil,” Fine said. “Imagine a saguaro cactus with flattened branches and horizontal stripes in place of the usual vertical stripes. That’s the best description I can give.” The Cincinnati region has been vigorously studied over the last two centuries, making the find even more impressive — not only because it was the work of an amateur, but also because of its size.

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