War drums beat, but Israel ‘ill equipped’ for threats

Posted on April 24, 2012


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The temperature’s rising in Israel – not just over a possible clash with Iran, but also over a

threat of chemical weapons from Syria. Israelis are worried their country is unprepared for war, and doesn’t even have enough gas masks and shelters.

­There is certainly plenty of saber-rattling going on. Israel recently reiterated it is ready to attack Iran and other enemies in the region, and is already carrying out special operations outside its borders.

Analysts say an Israeli strike could set in motion a military backlash, prompting a massive missile barrage from Iran, Lebanon and Gaza.

Israel claims it has been beefing up the home front to deal with the threat. In large cities, many parking lots can be quickly turned into bomb shelters, and there have been frequent civil defense drills. Most homes, sports fields and children’s playgrounds also have bomb shelters.

But that doesn’t reassure the community.

Zeev Bielski, who heads the parliamentary committee for home front preparedness, accused the Israeli government of disregarding grave threats.

“We have 1.7 million people that haven’t got any shelter. We have 3.5 million people who don’t have gas masks. So we cannot call it prepared,” he told RT.


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