As War Looms Iran Hits Kill Switch, Cuts Access To Millions

Posted on April 17, 2012


By Alexander Higgins

Iran has hits their internet kill switch, cutting access to millions of people, in an effort to

Wall-mounted emergency switch to switch off th...

prevent a psychological warfare campaign ahead of an imminent U.S. invasion.

As rhetorical between Iran and the west escalates, all indications point to an imminent U.S. led invasion. Any such invasion will be coupled with unconventional warfare including cyber attacks, propaganda campaigns, and psychological warfare which of course will utilize the Internet as an attack channel.

To counter any such operations, Iran has hit their internet kill switch today which has left their millions of citizens without access to Gmail, Yahoo and other email services as well as Facebook and other social networking sites.

The cut also coincides with protests scheduled Saturday to mark anniversary of the 1979 Iranian revolution. Unconfirmed reports suggest that that intelligence operatives will try to take advantage of the situation to incite unrest. The U.S. and their western allies are accused of using social networking tools to aggravate protests in Eqypt, Libya, and Syria and other nations that have partaken in the Arab Spring revolution.

USA Hitman

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