US Politics as Usual: Whoever Wins, We Lose

Posted on April 10, 2012


Politics as Usual: Whoever Wins, We Lose
Guest Post – Michael Hainline – Agents of Information

The stage has pretty much shaken out and we are only months away until we are back to the polls in the United States to elect a new President or keep the one that we have. The problem is the same one that we keep facing every four years. It doesn’t matter who wins – incumbent or challenger, Democrat or Republican – the result is the same. For all the promise of change and hope, we have seen little from the current President. And I don’t wanna here all the crying that the Republican controlled congress halted his progress. He had his first two years with the backing of the Democrats and accomplished little to nothing. Sure, he got his Health Care policy passed, but the plagued plan is limping through the courts right now and many things in that plan are close to being removed. And the wars… We pulled out of Iraq (mostly), which was actually drawn up on Bush’s dime, and we aren’t seeing an end to Afghanistan anytime soon. Not to mention combat interactions in Pakistan, Libya, Central Africa, etc…etc…etc. But anyone who thinks that anything different will come from Mitt Romney is just plain nuts. One thing that should be recognized by now is that it doesn’t matter  who is in office (Democrat or Republican) they are being influenced by Money. Money talks and as long as their overlords are pumping them full of money, they will do as their masters say.
I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. The only way we are ever going to advance and actually better this country is to stop the establishment and start putting in people who are not part of the establishment. Stop electing people on party affiliation because despite what you’ve been told the GOP and Democrats aren’t bitter enemies like they show in public. Behind the scenes, they are yukking it up at these idiots that buy into this scenario that it matters that you vote along party lines one way or the other. Want to fire the shot that changes the course of history? Vote third party in every single race this coming election. Let the establishment know that you’ve had enough of their lies and their crap. Will the third party sweep completely change how this country is run? Probably not. But it starts to show that people have started to think for themselves and are tired of the status quo. I know that when I step up to the voting both in November, I will not vote for any established Republican or Democrat, even if I have to write-in every candidate by hand. I’m tired of the same assholes that have dragged this nation into the dredges and screwed the people in this country.

They will never allow a revolution in this country in the way of what we saw in the Arab Spring. We have to step up and show them that we can decide to move towards a better tomorrow. And we will do it without fear, we will do it without lies, and we will do it without the establishment.

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