Mystery smell is ‘ruining life’ in Luton

Posted on March 22, 2012


FRUSTRATED residents are being plagued by a strong smell near the Vauxhall plant in Kimpton Road, Luton.

They first sniffed the mysterious odour 18 months ago, but Environment Agency (EA) investigations have failed to find the cause.

Peter Junke, who has lived in Lalleford Road for 30 years, is worried about the damage to his health and says living with the smell is a nightmare.

He said: “There are days when it’s nothing but there are bad days when it stinks. Some say it smells like paint fumes but I think it’s more like cats’ pee. It comes through the windows, doors and vents and I often have to sleep with the windows closed. It gives my neighbours headaches and it’s ruining our quality of life. You can see why people think Luton is a dump when they drive in and are hit by this stench – it’s disgusting.”

The intermittent odour was reported to the EA in March 2011 and they have visited the area 17 times.

Luton Today

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