Mystery night-sky noises explained?

Posted on March 22, 2012


MYSTERIOUS “helicopter noise” has been keeping Londonderry and Limavady residents awake at night, although a local aviation expert may have identified the possible cause.

The noises have been heard throughout Londonderry for a number of weeks, with areas such as Culmore and Limavady now being affected as well.

Local aviation enthusiast Norman Thorpe believes he has spotted the aircraft in flight recently. He has said that it could be an unmanned British reconnaissance aircraft used as part of defence company Thales UK’s ‘Watchkeeper project’. Mr Thorpe did point out, however, that he has yet to see the aircraft “on a clear night, with a good lens”.

Limavady DUP Councillor Alan Robinson contacted the Sentinel to speak out about the “puzzling” sounds, saying that “it has wakened some and prevented others from getting to sleep”

The night-sky noise has proved so enigmatic in Londonderry that the Secretary of State was called on to provide information by one Foyle MLA, who sent a letter requesting answers.

Speaking to the Sentinel, SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey said: “He has replied to my letter, to let me know that he has passed it on to the Ministry of Defence, which tells you quite a lot in itself.

“I thought that it had died down recently, but I have received fresh reports from people in areas such as Culmore, and now Limavady as well. It has been causing quite a few problems for people trying to get to sleep at night.”

Londonderry Sentinel

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