Guest Post: Does Disclosure Matter Anymore?

Posted on March 15, 2012


Does Disclosure Matter Anymore?
by Michael H. (Agents of Information Podcast)

I decided to write this after getting a message on twitter urging me to sign a petition via the White House (United States) website to demand that full disclosure be given to American citizens about any UFO or Alien activities that have occurred. As someone who has witnessed a few personal UFO sightings in his lifetime and even been present at a Crop Circle, I am fully entrenched that we are not alone, and have never been truly alone in the universe. I can’t say it isn’t a good faith gesture that there is a petition for Full Disclosure out there, but at this point I don’t think it is even necessary anymore. Now before I get the boo birds from the UFO community barking at me, I will explain why I feel this way. Given in the light of what has been exposed of the Government via Wikileaks, it should be self-evident that we will never voluntarily get any real information from the government. The Government is supposed to work for the people, and keep its people in the know, but we honestly, if you still believe that, then as the proverbial joke goes “I got an ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.” As much documentation that is done world-wide and has been declassified by other countries, why should we bother waiting for the US Government for validation. I’m sorry, but it is a pointless gesture to me. I very much doubt that even in my lifetime the government will admit to having knowledge and information of aliens to us. The only way this is going to come to pass is if either we have a Wikileaks sized leak in classified UFO material or if the alien entities reveal themselves to the entire world.

With the increase in UFO activity in the last 12 months, I see something happening soon, but it won’t be through our government. I think that if there is a complete confirmation of existence of alien life on earth, it will be revealed by those beings themselves. If anything, we need to stop looking at our government to ever tell us the truth about anything… But that is an argument for another write-up. People need to start mining other sources and quit worrying about what the government will or won’t tell them as it concerns Disclosure of alien life. Other than he is nuts or just reaching, you have to wonder what Newt Gingrich’s agenda of wanting to build a moon base so bad is. Honestly, I think he is nuts… But the more I think about it, I wonder why it is that important to him. Could it be that there is something more to this story and that there is an underlying reason behind building further into space. Could the idea of a moon base be based around the arrival of an alien entity that has yet reached us? These are only questions and speculation, not anything based on fact. But either way, he won’t be telling you, because he is part of the institution that has sworn to keep silent on these matters.

So in closing, I think people need to keep digging and digging and researching and recording data as it relates to UFO’s and alien life….but as far as waiting on the United States government to release anything meaningful. Honestly, if you think that for one minute the government is going to be honest with you, then you are more delusional than those government officials.

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