Mysterious fireball lights up Melbourne sky

Posted on March 12, 2012


TWITTER went into overdrive last night when a low-flying fiery object lit up Melbourne’s sky.

The mysterious object was seen across Victoria at about 8.40pm (AEDT).

Herald Sun
reader Yvonne Greig said she saw the fiery object go across the sky in Scoresby.

“It was very low in the sky, going from west to east, it had a large burning ball at the front with a thin trail behind it,” she said.

Paul Zuegn from Roxburgh Park said he thought the object was “heading for Earth”.

“I was looking out towards the city and I saw a comet, it was white in colour had a very big trail behind it … I was waiting for it to hit earth, it seemed to be that close,” he said.

“It wasn’t a UFO or anything like that, it was on a straight trajectory and I was just waiting for a big bang.”

Daily Telegraph

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