Mystery still surrounds Derry night time noises as NIO probed

Posted on March 5, 2012


The Secretary of State’s office is investigating concerns about mysterious sounds in the night skies over Londonderry.

SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey wrote to Owen Paterson amid frustration that people were being wakened by relentless aircraft activity into the early morning.

An NIO spokeswoman said that a letter from Mr Ramsey had been received and that “a reply will be issued in due course”.

Many families have vented their anger about the issue on social networking sites.

But the cause of the noise has yet to be confirmed.

And it has been suggested that the aircraft involved is flying at such an elevated position that it is not visible from ground level.

A Civil Aviation Authority spokesman said that it would need a description of the actual aircraft or its registration number, displayed on the side, before it could say for certain what it was. He added: “The chances are if it is up there at night it is military or police — but without clear identification there is not an awful lot we can do.”

The Army and PSNI have neither confirmed nor denied that they caused the noise.

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