Volcanoes on the Moon? Research shows that lunar surface may one day have lava flows

Posted on February 20, 2012


Hundreds of millions of years ago the Moon was bristling with active volcanoes – and now scientists predict that the lunar surface will one day have lava flows again.

Researchers from VU University in Amsterdam explain that the Moon is cooling down and with it the lunar magma at its core, which will become less dense as the temperature drops and eventually rise upwards.

‘What a sight that would be,’ said lead researcher Wim van Westrenen.

Moonquake data suggests that there is lots of liquid magma deep within the Moon because around 30 per cent of the rocks there are thought to be molten – but the surface is peaceful.

In the Earth, such bodies of magma tend to move towards the surface leading to volcanic eruptions.

If the deep interior of the Moon contains so much magma, why don’t we see spectacular volcanic eruptions at its surface?

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