Hackers vow new ‘Anonymous’ attacks on Kremlin groups

Posted on February 9, 2012


Members of the Anonymous network in Russia have said they will continue to target pro-Kremlin activists.

The group has published emails it said were from the youth movement Nashi, suggesting Russian bloggers were paid to support the government.

Some of the bloggers involved denied taking money for their views.

Anonymous told the BBC they had targeted Nashi because it was trying to expand government control over the internet.

The main revelations this week came from emails which were described as being from former Nashi spokeswoman Kristina Potupchik.

They detailed payments worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to bloggers and journalists apparently in exchange for favourable publicity for Nashi, or negative comments written beneath articles criticising the movement.

Ms Potupchik has not made any comment on the allegations. The leader of Nashi, Nikita Borovikov, told the Guardian newspaper that he was used to hacking attacks and had nothing to hide.


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