Record snowfall in Japan and Canada

Posted on February 2, 2012


The prefecture of Niigata, Japan, has asked for a dispatch of troops to help in the wake of record-setting snowfalls, according to reports on Wednesday.

The Ground Self-Defense Force of Japan was expected to send troops to the town of Uonuma, where a snow depth of 4.09 meters, or 13.4 feet, has reportedly build up.

Fearing roof collapse under the weight of the deep snow, complicated by warming and the potential for rain, the local officials called for the troops to help clear roofs.

Niigata is in western Honshu, which winter climate is notorious for its waves of heavy snow off the Sea of Japan during cold outbreaks.


Snowfall and snow levels are reaching record levels in Alberta and British Columbia in Western Canada.

While many other parts of North America are still struggling to fully open all their lifts and runs for winter2011-12 during an uusually dry winter, the West of Canada has been deluged fairly consistently since last autumn.

“This month goes down as one of the snowiest January’s on record. There is unbelievable snow conditions at both Fernie and Kicking Horse with total snowfall at both over 19 feet now. Today alone, Fernie has seen over a foot overnight!!” said an excited Matt Mosteller of Resorts of the Canadian Rockies which runs the two centres.

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