Blogger sites can now be blocked on a “per country”

Posted on February 2, 2012


Blogger sites can now be blocked on a “per country” basis after a change to its web address system.

Google will now be able to block access in individual countries following a legal removal request.

The new system means blocking will not require restricting world-wide access to a blog.

The changes apply in Australia, New Zealand and India, but the BBC understands Google plans to roll it out globally.

The news follows Twitter’s announcement that it could selectively block tweets on a country-by-country basis – news that attracted criticism from free speech campaigners.

However, Joss Wright, research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, said he felt the changes to Blogger were a positive step.

“Google’s new approach to supporting country-level takedown requests in Blogger strikes a good balance between free speech, legality and practical issues for end users.

“By allowing per-country takedown requests, Google can meet local laws without blocking content at a global level.”


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