Don’t Attack Iran, Stop The War rally at US Embassy

Posted on January 29, 2012


The Stop the War Coallition (StWC) were joined by several hundred outside the US embassy in London’s Grosvenor Square yesterday to call upon the governments of the USA, UK and Israel to cease the ‘beating of war drums’ as western rhetoric and sanctions piles the pressure on Iran.

Billed as an event to stop any military intervention in both Iran and Syria, the talks between world leaders in Davos the previous night drew focus upon a heightening of pressure from Israel for the West to bring strong intervention to Iran’s nuclear program. Familiar anti-war speakers and activists took to the microphone to state what they see as the hypocracy of accusing Iran of aggression and aiming to arm themselves through their nuclear program, when they themselves have the worlds biggest caches and the most aggresive histories, particularly in the Middle East. StWC support other strong views that there is no evidence to support nuclear weapons ambitions by Iran despite increasing claims from governments and mainsream media.


Tony Benn opened the meeting by drawing attention to the correlation between severe austerity measures and the cost of further aggression in the region by saying ‘every bomb that is dropped is paid for by cuts in public expenditure’. He went on to make clear that the rally was “not an endorsement of President Ahmadinejad but a determination not to engage in another imperialist war to safeguard the interests of the west.”

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