Welsh MP Claims The UK Is ‘Like The Titanic’ And Will Sink

Posted on January 24, 2012


The chairman of the Welsh Affairs committee David Davies has likened the United Kingdom to the Titanic, claiming it is now “just a question of how long it takes to sink”.

The Welsh Tory MP made the claim after taking evidence from a commission set up to examine the possibility of devolving more powers to Wales.

He told its chairman, Paul Silk, the organisation should write its report calling for further devolution now and save taxpayers the £1m cost after raising concerns about the impartiality of consultation.

Of the 450 individuals and organisations that have been asked to give evidence to the commission, the “majority” will “be on record as favouring more powers” for the assembly, Davies said.

“Could I suggest we could save £1 million by you issuing a report now calling for lots of extra powers for the Welsh Assembly, which is inevitably going to happen anyway,” he added.

Outside the committee Davies went further, telling reporters “the UK is like the Titanic” and claiming it is “holed below the waterline”.

He added: “It’s just a question of how long it takes to sink.”

Huffington Post

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