The Great Space Ball Mystery Has Been Solved

Posted on December 23, 2011


Turns out it’s only a “bladder tank.” When a mysterious crusty space ball crash-landed in Namibia in November, and calls to NASA and the European Space Agency didn’t get authorities any closer to pinning down what exactly had landed in their backyards, while Mel Brooks fans delighted in the nod in the “space ball” name and the rest and ogled the astro-nut to guess at what it is. The story has been picked up widely the last few days, but now we know what it is: Gawker’s Adrian Chen wrote about the 13-pound ball on Friday morning a commenter identified it: “For anyone wondering what it actually is, it’s likely a 39-litre hydrazine bladder tank (based on its apparent size; there are also much larger hydrazine tanks),” he wrote.


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