Indian Child Cries Tears of Stone

Posted on December 18, 2011


There was a girl in India who cried tears of blood and to date, there has been no medical explanation as to what caused this anomaly.

Recently, the media covered a new case concerning a seven-year-old Indian child, named Kura Nitya, who cries tears of stone.

The medical community is baffled by this occurrence, which afflicts this child from 12 to 25 times daily.

Although there appears to be no pain associated with the shedding of these stones, which are similar to crystals, her eyes do swell noticeably before the tears fall down her face.

Apart from this bizarre happening, the child is perfectly healthy and shows no indication of any kind of eye infection or other malady.

Family members claim that the tears began about two weeks ago, and at first it was believed to be some sort of sign from God. After prayers failed to relieve the child of this very strange condition, the family reluctantly resorted to medical advice.

But they found no answers there, as not a single eye specialist has been able to explain this very weird phenomenon.

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