Earthquake Watch – Fracking actually caused 50 tremors in Blackpool

Posted on November 3, 2011


The huge number of seismic movements was admitted yesterday by one of the authors of a report into two very noticeable earth tremors likely to have been caused by the fracking operations of Cuadrilla Resources, which says it has discovered enormous supplies of shale gas in the Blackpool area.

The report, which the energy firm commissioned, concluded it is “highly probable” that Cuadrilla’s operations were responsible for two tremors which hit Lancashire. The first, of magnitude 2.3 on the Richter scale, hit the Fylde Coast on 1 April followed by a second of magnitude 1.4 on 27 May. The report, which is being sent to the Government, has intensified the controversy around “fracking”, or hydraulic fracturing, which involves pumping water, sand and chemicals at high pressure into shale rock, to release the gas it holds.

The company sought to play down the impact of its activities, saying that it had probably triggered “a number of minor seismic events”. But when The Independent interviewed Stefan Baisch, one of the report’s authors, he admitted that the actual number was 50.

The Independent

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