My perspective on the #occupy movement

Posted on October 15, 2011


People seem to be on either one side or the other side of the fence with regards to the #occupy movement, which began (and still continues) with the #OccupyWallStreet protests. You’ve had Cain denouncing the movement as selfish and un-American and companies like Ben and Jerrys, various politicians and celebs jumping on the bandwagon in support. I am firmly sat on the fence and I apologise that this is a general rant / rambling. I don’t imagine for you to read this and change your perspective but I do implore everyone to think for themselves instead of just following the crowd… it’s OK to think something different.

Anyone who wants to change the world for the better has my 100% support – I am as fed up with corruption, war, political bullshit, cost of living etc as the next person. I also admire anyone who stands up for what they believe in and shows commitment. However, to be able to change the world you need to know what you want to change and how it should be changed.

I think that the #Occupy movement is not cohesive enough, despite its apparent cohesion, to bring about a meaningful revolution. OK, so yes, it was the banks and the ‘banksters’ who royally mucked up and have left a large proportion of the rest of us feeling a least a little bit less comfortable than we did before 2008, but is going after them the right way forward? No. It was the leaders and governments of our countries focusing more time and effort on looking after one another, big business and the media that have seen us result in this mess. It is not the banksters who need to be ousted, but in fact the system by which our countries are run, which allows them to get away with taking the piss.

I would hasten to guess that the majority of people actively involved in the current protests are liberal minded, hence the demands for unrealistic handouts. Free education, healthcare and a higher minimum wage may well be what we all long for but what is the point of demanding it from the people who allowed us to end up in this position in the first place? Pointless, it won’t happen. Why? Well, why look after us when they can continue to look after themselves?

The simple fact is that the real issue shouldn’t be the 99% fighting against the 1% – some of those 1% got there by themselves and some of the people who have had help have never reached the 1%. People shouldn’t be fighting people. We should be fighting the system itself.

In America, in particular, a 2 party system where both parties are as bad as each other is a farce. The constant banding around of the word democracy in the western world is just as farcical! I won’t bang on about what a democracy is and isn’t, but the simple fact is that either the powers that be don’t understand what a democracy is, and they’re as brainwashed as everyone else, or they are duping the people and taking them for fools. Do you feel like you really get a say in what goes on? Does the majority of your country get to decide whether young lads get sent to the slaughter in some foreign land all in the name of oil? Do you decide how and where your taxes are spent?

I don’t have all the answers, no one person does.

I’m really disappointed to see the outbreaks of violence today – police and protestors. The people need to show themselves as being better than those who ‘rule’ them.

Please, everyone, fight for free trade, peace, more accountability for those who speak for us, less corruption, freedom of speech and equality for those from all walks of life.

Anyway, I trawled the net in hopes of finding someone who thought in a similar way to me:



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