Yahoo (accidentally on purpose?) blocked emails about ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest

Posted on September 21, 2011


Yahoo has apologized for unintentionally blocking the delivery of emails that contained a URL related to the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations.

Yahoo admitted on Monday that it unintentionally blocked some emails pertaining to the “Occupy Wall Street” protest that began this weekend. The company issued an apology on Twitter, saying that the blockage was “not intentional,” and blamed its spam filters for stopping delivery of emails that contained the anti-Wall Street campaign website

The problem, says Yahoo, “is resolved,” but warned that there “may be a residual delay” for some users.

The issue was first noticed by progressive political website Think Progress, which reported that it had tried to send emails that contained the Occupy Wall Street website from “multiple accounts,” but the message was blocked each time.

Attempts to send such emails were met with an automatically generated warning from Yahoo, which read:

Your message was not sent

Suspicious activity has been detected on your account.

To protect your account and our users, your message has not been sent.

If this error continues, please contact Yahoo! Customer Care for further help.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

via Yahoo blocked emails about ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest.

Convenient. Companies like Yahoo and Google employ the most cunning type of censorship by the way they filter your searches depending on where you are. Live in a country experiencing some ‘issues’? You’ll be surprised by the lack of bad press-related results showing up on Google about your home country compared to if you search the same thing elsewhere.

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