Researchers Prove Bible Grossly Mistranslated

Posted on July 29, 2011


"Christian III Bible", printed 1550 ...

Soon to be rewritten?

I don’t think it would be much of surprise to most people if they found out the bible had not been translated properly. This is so interesting and, if accurate, could cause some serious upheaval to the way in which we view religion. Be sure to have a read of the ne translation via the link below!

A research group in Canada, has proven that the Old Testament has been massively mistranslated.

This follows three years of research, which have uncovered the actual system for translating ancient Hebrew.

The group discovered that each letter is not a letter at all, but a full word, and what was believed to be a word, is actually a sentence like description, which supplies the definition of the word. With this discovery, each word can now be properly defined and the results are astounding.

This means a word can no longer be disputed and swayed by doctrinal pressures

If accurate, the findings will rewrite everything we presently believe about the scriptual beginnings of the Earth.

Research Head Christopher Tyreman states that what they have found, proves without a doubt, that the Bible has been grossly mistranslated and that their findings expose this fact with glaring simplicity. He further stated that he finds it interesting that a group of lay researchers were able to see and assemble what they call “Self Defining Hebrew or the SDH System” while experts seemed unaware of its existence.

The team also wished people to understand that this is not a bible code, but the system the original language was built on.

Its construct shows it to be a manufactured system of massive complexity, using only twenty two words, which when mixed, can supply a complete language.

Mr. Tyreman also added that the form of this language shows it could not have evolved from surrounding cultures as it is incapable of importing words from outside language. This alone points to an origination outside of the scope of the presently held theories of language development. These findings could have a major impact on how Science and religion look at our beginnings.

The research team has posted all of its work online @

via Researchers Prove Bible Grossly Mistranslated – CNN iReport.

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